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Infiniti Debuts 2016 Concept, Reveals Approaching Production

Infinit Debuts at Geneva Motor Show 2015

More expensive auto insurance policies typically cater to people who love their cars, and to someone who loves cars, the Geneva Motor Show is an incredible experience. The Geneva Motor Show has been the backdrop of many automotive innovations over the years, hailing guests like Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Aston Martin, all showing off the best and brightest of their concept cars, new production models, and exciting technological advances.

Other auto manufacturers that make a splash at the Geneva Motor Show include…

  • Audi
  • Ford
  • Honda
  • Maserati
  • McLaren

While you may not recognize Nissan as the manufacturing company behind the most expensive luxury vehicles, you may have heard of Infiniti, a subsidiary of Nissan with a focus on high style, performance, and, you guessed it, luxury. Infiniti seems to succeed in delivering luxury, and to the benefit of consumers, the price tags attached to their vehicles carry lower numbers than many would expect after seeing some of the stylish and flashy cars that Infiniti offers.

Infiniti seized the opportunity to unveil two new concept cars at this year’s Geneva Motor Show, and both models were an impressive display. Even more impressive is the fact that these concept cars will likely be put into production relatively soon. While many concept car designs never make it off of the showroom floor, the QX30 compact crossover and the Q60 sports coupe that debuted at the show will likely be available as soon as 2016.

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The Q60 sports coupe, serving as the next generation of Infiniti’s current Q50 sedan, is expected to hit the road first. “The Q60 concept is more than a design exercise; it is earmarked for production. What you see in this concept vehicle inspires the sports coupe that Infiniti will produce next year,” remarks Roland Krueger, CEO of Infinity, just before the vehicle made its grand debut.

Powering these two new vehicles will be a yet-to-be-released engine designed by Infiniti. The small twin-turbocharged V6 engine is scheduled to debut in various Infiniti models over the course of the next two years, so although performance statistics are still a mystery, the automotive community will have plenty of time to test the engine itself before these concept vehicles ever hit the road.

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The QX30 concept unveiled is a bold move into a market that is currently blazing hot: the crossover market. While the vehicle is designed to appeal to the younger generation, it may be an extremely powerful contender as a more stylish alternative to some of the more cumbersome vehicles in this category. “The QX30 concept foreshadows an entry in the premium compact segment that provides a stylish alternative to the existing offer in this segment,” said Krueger.

Pricing on both concept cars is yet to be revealed, but judging by the pricing of current competitors, the prices of the Q60 and the QX30 may be around $50,000 and $40,000 respectively. While it’s yet to be seen how these cars will be marketed and priced, one thing is for certain: Infiniti is throwing their hats into the ring to compete for a place in the fastest-growing segment of car buyers.

Would you ever consider buying an Infiniti car? What concept cars would you like to see hit production? Let us know in the comments section below!