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Lyft’s Fuzzy Pink “Carstache” to Be Replaced by New “Glowstache”

After ruffling competitors’ whiskers for a while, the big fuzzy pink mustache strapped to the front of Lyft cars is about to be trimmed. The quirky car ornament, officially known as the “carstache” that made Lyft the most recognized ride-sharing service in the industry, is being replaced by the Glowstache, a smaller glowing pink dashboard version.
So angered were taxi drivers by the mustachioed cars that they would claim the service’s drivers weren’t properly licensed or insured, although Lyft maintains a $1 million auto insurance policy to cover its rides.

As opposed to the original iconic symbol, which was prominently displayed on the front grills or bumpers of Lyft vehicles, the new hand-sized trademark will now be placed inside the driver’s car on the dashboard, but will remain highly visible.

The logic behind the switch is best expressed by Lyft’s President John Zimmer who didn’t want to overuse the pink facial ornament. The company feels the introduction of the new Glowstache marks an exciting moment as Lyft embarks on the next chapter of their growth. Having made a name for itself within the ride-sharing industry, a move to a less obtrusive icon seemed like the way to go.

According to Lyft, the Glowstache will be rolled out and distributed to their drivers across the country in the coming weeks. Application will be much easier for drivers than the large pink mustache used to be since the new glowing version can simply be stuck on the dashboard and forgotten about.

Because the current fuzzy pink mustaches are made of synthetic fur, the company is searching for an alternative to make them more weather proof in order to resist exposure to harsh climate such as in windy Chicago and rainy Seattle. With the attempt to find a way to protect or come up with a better material for the pink mustaches, it could be they’re not going away permanently.

Still, the community of Lyft drivers loves the iconic mustache as representative of the success and expansion the ride-sharing service has enjoyed. The company is reportedly valued at $275 million and currently operates in 13 cities in the U.S., the last six of which opened in just the past month. To date, Lyft has given more than one million rides and accumulated over $82.5 million from investors.

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Have you ever used a Lyft ride-sharing car with the large pink mustache? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.