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Is Your Web Browser Costing You Money on Your Auto Insurance?

If you’re an avid Internet shopper and regularly search online for the best rate on auto insurance, you may want to take note. Your web browser, of all things, could be costing you money. That’s right, the actual rate you’re quoted could come down to the web browser you use to get those quotes. And, in the final outcome, it could dictate whether you pay more or less for your coverage.

While it may sound a little farfetched that your search browser would, in any way, have the slightest effect on your auto insurance rates, recent studies have shown exactly that. The choice you make regarding the browser you use to do your policy rate comparisons can determine how much you’ll pay for the same coverage, which could turn out to be a bit more or a bit less.

Amazingly, the research looked into the way insurance sites were located by drivers, using the Internet, as well as whether auto insurance rates varied depending on the web browser – and found some striking differences. For those drivers using Firefox, on average, they’re auto insurance rate for half the year was $608. That amounts to a considerable savings over what loyal Chrome users were quoted, which was a rate of $731 for the same six months and coverage. Meanwhile, the highest quotes were attributed to both Safari and Internet Explorer, coming in at a rather beefy $750, on average, for the identical period.

How can that be? Well, let’s just blame it on demographics. In other words, analysts who conducted the study in the summer of 2013 reported that it wasn’t the browser itself, necessarily, that made the difference in rates and impacted your auto insurance premiums, but that the demographics of the users of each browser differed from one another.

Statistics indicate that Firefox users tend to be married, own a home, are generally in their mid-thirties, and are better educated. And, factors such as these can lead to more favorable rates, depending on the insurance company and state a driver resides in.

Furthermore, the survey goes on to state that the average Firefox user was 35 years of age. This compares to an average age of 38 for Internet Explorer users, and 32 for users of Chrome and Safari. In addition to age, users of Firefox were deemed more likely to have a Graduate or Doctoral Degree – as 12 percent of its users proved during the study.

Of the four web browsers, Internet Explorer was the least likely to have a large amount of users with an equal level of education, coming in at only 4 percent. Unfortunately, level of education is often factored in among auto insurers when setting premiums for auto insurance.

Although many other factors can determine how high or low your auto insurance rates will be, you may want to consider the web browser you use to do your comparisons and go from there. Remember, the whole idea here is to save money…and, the difference between $608 and $750 is $142 in savings. So, if you’re searching for a better rate on your auto insurance…don’t just take things for granted. Try each web browser and check for yourself.

Regardless of which web browser you use, make sure you’re getting the best rate on your auto insurance. Why not get a free auto insurance quote today?

Which web browser do you use and have you noticed a difference in rates? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.