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Phones are Still Distracting Drivers across the Country

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Technology is an essential element of many of our lives in the same way that a good auto insurance policy is an essential element to our peace of mind. We use smartphones and computers to accomplish a wide range of tasks, but it’s impossible to deny the distraction they present, especially on the road. You’ve probably seen the warnings on television, in newspapers, and in articles online: your phone can be a life-threatening distraction.

But it’s easy to ignore these warnings since they’ve been repeated constantly since smartphones became common. Before smartphones, there were campaigns against texting and driving, with campaigns against talking on the phone preceding those. These warnings are everywhere, but there’s a good reason for that: people are still risking their lives by using their cell phones behind the wheel.

Many of our readers don’t text and drive, of course, but even safe drivers are put at risk by the dangerous driving habits of others. Those who text and drive should keep that in mind as well: when you text and drive, you’re not just putting yourself at risk. If you’re licensed to drive a vehicle, you have a responsibility to other drivers and pedestrians to pay attention to the road.

It’s easy to blame younger drivers for these habits, but the truth doesn’t reflect that stereotype. A recent survey conducted by AT&T revealed that nearly half of adults admitted to texting and driving. Of those, 98% believed it was wrong. The teens aren’t completely innocent either – 43% of teens admitted to texting and driving – but the most interesting piece of information that AT&T uncovered was that 41% of teens have seen their parents texting and driving. Compare that to the 43% of teens who text and drive, and it starts to become clear that parents are leading this texting and driving trend.

The key to solving this is simple: keep people off of their phones while driving. But how? One family took action against texting and driving by making a contract. The contract stated that when someone gets behind the wheel, their phone goes in the glove compartment and cannot be retrieved until the driver is safely parked at their destination. No exceptions. While this may sound a tad extreme, it seems considerably less so after reading this concerned parent’s motivation: her son, who would begin driving himself in a few years.

Setting a good example as a parent is extremely important, so when you’re shopping for your kid’s first liability insurance policy, remember to give them the best insurance of all: responsibility and self-control. Make the world a safer place for everyone, and call or click today for more information on affordable, personalized car insurance.