Personal watercrafts (PWC) are subject to the same laws governing the operation of motorboats of the same size, which is why it’s important to protect yourself with proper watercraft insurance.

Do I really need PWC insurance?

PWC insurance isn’t legally required, but personal watercraft represent an important investment; in addition to exposing you to potential situations where you can be held personally liable for damages or injuries caused by an accident. It just makes sense to protect your property and those riding it.


What is a personal watercraft?

Most states define a “personal watercraft” as: “a vessel 13 feet in length or less, propelled by machinery, that is designed to be operated by a person sitting, standing, or kneeling on the vessel rather than in the conventional manner of sitting or standing inside the vessel.”

Water jet-pump-driven boats that are generally less than 13 feet in length include Jet skis, Sea Doos, and Waverunners. Personal watercraft come in many sizes and can now easily accommodate four people. In addition, many personal watercrafts can pull a skier.

What is PWC insurance?

PWC insurance helps insure you and your personal watercraft against accidents, vandalism, and liability. That means you can enjoy your recreation time with peace of mind knowing that you’re covered against unforeseen events.

What does PWC insurance cover?

A personal watercraft insurance policy typically insures you against many common liability losses regardless of whether you operate it yourself or loan it to another person.

In situations like these, you may be covered for:

  • Damage to another craft or dock
  • Bodily injury or death to another person due to your negligence
  • The negligence of another driver while using your PWC
  • Towed water skiers or wake boarders who become injured using your craft
  • Physical damage to the hull, machinery, and equipment
  • Injury to you caused by an uninsured watercraft operator
  • Towing assistance if you break down on the water

Additional watercraft insurance options include:

  • Open ocean coverage
  • Winter storage coverage
  • Fresh water boat coverage
  • Insurance for your boat and accessories

What is excluded from a PWC policy?

Because insurance needs differ depending on the type of personal watercraft you own, read the details in your policy to see what is covered and what is specifically excluded.

Typical examples of what’s not covered are:

  • Any craft that has been modified to enhance speed and performance
  • Operation of a PWC after dark—dusk to dawn
  • Operating a PWC when you don’t have a valid driver’s license

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