Do You Tip Tow Truck Drivers? How Much and When to Tip Roadside Assistance

Smiling tow truck driver getting in his cab after loading a car.

What if you committed a mistake and you did not even know it? 

Even if you have the best car insurance, there will be times when you need to have your vehicle professionally towed. Once your tow arrives, you may be struck by a difficult question: Do you tip tow truck drivers or not? 

Fortunately, there is no need to stress over this question. Keep reading to discover everything you need to know about tipping tow truck drivers! 

Do You Tip Roadside Assistance Drivers? 

For the most part, professional tow truck drivers do not expect you to tip them. That is because they already receive a decent wage for their services. This is different from waiters and waitresses, whose hourly rate is below minimum wage and who depend on tips in order to make a reasonable rate. 

With that being said, tow truck drivers always appreciate it when you gift them a tip. You may find it appropriate to do so if the job you are asking them to do is particularly difficult or takes up a significant amount of their time (for example, if they had to travel to a remote area).  

If you are the type of driver who really needs roadside assistance frequently, you may consider tipping so your tow truck driver knows they will be rewarded for giving you top priority. 

Tow truck driver hauling off car in the snow.

How Much Should You Tip a Tow Truck Driver? 

If you choose to tip those providing roadside assistance, you should consider paying them somewhere between $5 and $20 for their services. For the most part, the lower amount is considered a small kindness, and the larger amount is considered a very good tip. 

Again, though, whether you should tip your tow truck driver or not is completely up to you. On this issue, people are split right down the middle. Half the driving population tips their roadside assistance drivers, and half do not. It is ultimately up to your judgment whether someone’s service deserves a tip and, if so, how much you think they should receive. 

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