7 Types of Drivers That Really Need Roadside Assistance

woman next to broken down car on phone

What if your car broke down at the worst possible time? 

When you’re far from home, a breakdown is bad because it can be difficult to get your car repaired. However, a roadside assistance plan can help restore your car and get you back on the road. 

Not every driver necessarily needs roadside assistance, though. Have you been asking “Do I need roadside assistance?” Keep reading to discover which drivers benefit the most from roadside assistance! 

1. Those with Older Cars Need Roadside Assistance 

Wondering if you need roadside assistance? If your car is more than 10 years old, the answer is most likely yes. 

Modern cars are more reliable than the cars of the previous generation. Nonetheless, the older a car gets, the likelier it is to break down. Such a breakdown may happen without any warning. 

If that happens, roadside assistance can help. What does roadside assistance cover? Towing, battery failure, on-site labor, flat tires, fuel issues, and so much more. You never know what could happen to your older car, but roadside assistance can help make things right. 

2. Parents of Young Children Need Roadside Assistance 

Are you a parent to one or more young children? In that case, roadside assistance is a real must-have. 

Generally speaking, young children are not very patient. So when your car suddenly breaks down or you get locked out at the mall, they will likely become very stressed and scared. It can be nearly impossible for you to comfort your children while also fixing your car. 

The whole situation gets even scarier if your children need any specialized medicine or medical help when you break down away from home. With roadside assistance, you can rest assured you’ll be back on the road in no time. 

3. Older Drivers Need Roadside Assistance 

If you’re an elderly driver, it’s good to get roadside assistance. This is due to two primary reasons. 

First, you may not be able to fix the car on your own like when you were younger. In fact, trying to shimmy under your car might end up causing real harm to your body. 

Second, you may have medicine at home or in your hotel that you need to take at certain times. If your car breaks down for a long time and keeps you from that medicine, it can put your life in danger. If you have roadside assistance, you don’t have to worry about either fixing the car yourself or getting your medicine in time. 

4. Those Who Live in Remote Areas Need Roadside Assistance 

The core idea behind roadside assistance is simple: When you are far away from things like mechanics or gas stations, you can get the help you need when your car suddenly breaks down. 

Those who live in an urban area and don’t leave it very often may not need roadside assistance. After all, if you break down within the city limits, there may be multiple people who can help you out. 

That’s not the case if you live in a remote area. If your car breaks down in a remote area, it may be very difficult to find help. It might even be dangerous to get out of the car! A good roadside assistance service can provide all of the assistance you need. 

man on phone stranded next to car

5. Drivers with a Long Commute Need Roadside Assistance 

The number of us who have long commutes grows every year. It can be hard to find an affordable place to live close to where you work, so it’s not uncommon to have a big drive waiting for you in the morning. 

If that drive takes 20 minutes or more, though, you should invest in roadside assistance (and considering that is less than the average commute, this refers to most commuters). The more frequently you drive a certain path, the more likely you are to break down on that path. This means you could be stuck far away from any real help (say, in the middle of a highway). 

With roadside assistance, you can get help no matter where you break down. Your boss will be happy to see you get to work after breaking down that much more quickly! 

6. Younger Drivers Need Roadside Assistance 

Earlier, we discussed how older drivers benefit from roadside assistance. Younger drivers could also use roadside assistance, but for different reasons. 

First, younger drivers may not know much about the car they are driving. It’s easy for them to overlook a warning light and end up breaking down on the side of the road. 

Second, young people are less likely to know the area they are driving in. That makes it easy to get lost and run out of fuel. Because young people may not know as many people nearby, they may not know who to call. 

Third, and finally, young people tend to travel more. Things like summer vacations, spring breaks, and even long weekends can send young drivers over very long distances. Should those cars break down far from home, though, the drivers can count on roadside assistance for support. 

7. Those Who Regularly Travel Long Distances Need Roadside Assistance 

Younger drivers may be likelier to drive long distances for fun. Others drive long distances on a regular basis for other reasons. This includes having to travel frequently for work or having to regularly visit relatives who are sick. 

No matter why they do it, those who regularly travel long distances really need roadside assistance. As we’ve said before, it’s easy to break down in an unfamiliar area where help is far away and you don’t even know who to ask. With roadside assistance, the professional help you need is only a phone call away. 

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