How an Auto Maintenance Plan Can Protect the Value of Your Car

mechanic working on car's engine

Every driver should understand the value of their automobile. Knowing this value means you can get the best possible deal if you ever trade it in. Unfortunately, they lose a bit more value each and every year. 

While you can’t stop an aging vehicle from losing its value, you can do your part to protect the value with an auto club maintenance plan. Such a plan offers annual protection as well as 24/7 roadside assistance while you drive. 

How can this plan protect the value? Keep reading to discover the answer! 

The Importance of Regular Lubrication 

When trying to protect the value of your auto, it’s a rookie mistake to only look at the outside. Very often, what lowers the value is what’s under the hood, especially when it comes to the engine. 

If you don’t change your oil often enough, it can cause your engine to overheat. This can cause other problems and significantly lower the value of the vehicle. 

With the maintenance plan, you get up to three oil changes per year. This keeps your engine lubricated and helps protect the overall value even as it protects your safety

Brake Pads and Value 

The condition of your brakes significantly affects the value. That’s because brakes can be very expensive (replacing a couple of calipers alone can easily run you a few hundred dollars). And neither individual buyers nor dealers want to pay much for a vehicle that will require expensive repairs. 

With the auto club plan, you can get your brake pads and shoes replaced each year as needed. Such regular replacements can keep the pads and shoes from wearing down and causing serious damage to the brake system itself. 

The average driver may not know there is anything going on with their brakes until they hear an awful squealing sound. With annual maintenance, you can prolong the life of your brakes and increase the value of your vehicle. 

Cooling System Protection 

Previously, we touched on the need to protect the parts you can’t easily see — which most definitely includes the cooling system. 

When you have a cooling system issue, you may see one or more mysterious warning lights. Such issues include problems with the thermostat, radiator, radiator hoses, or the water pump. 

As with the brakes, this is another part of the car where most drivers don’t know anything is wrong until it is nearly too late. Once you have your own plan, you’ll get annual cooling system upkeep as part of the service. This helps keep anything from going haywire, which helps to keep your auto cool as you drive and the value as high as possible. 

Help When Your Car Is Stuck 

Nothing decreases value quite like getting into an accident. But what if the real damage happened when you tried to make things better? 

For example, it’s not that uncommon to get stuck somewhere. This includes running off the road, getting stuck in ditches, or even partially submerged in water! 

When this happens, some drivers try to get the car out on their own. But without the right tools and training, these drivers may accidentally do more damage to the vehicle. With the roadside assistance of a plan, you can quickly retrieve your ride while still preserving its value. 

Emergency Fuel Delivery 

Ever run out of fuel? This still happens from time to time, especially when drivers are in unfamiliar areas. For instance, someone may not realize how long it will be before they see another gas station and they run out of fuel. Or someone puts too much faith in their estimate of how much farther they can travel and ends up running out of fuel too soon. 

When this happens, it puts you in danger. That’s because you have to find someone who can bring you fuel. This takes time, and the more time you and your automobile are in the middle of nowhere, the greater the risk of vandalism or other damage. 

While standard car insurance doesn’t cover this scenario, the plan provides for emergency fuel delivery whenever and wherever you need it. This gets you back on the road and preserves the value. 

man carrying fuel to car on side of road

Flat Tire? No Problem 

A flat tire threatens value in the same way that running out of gas does. If you get a flat or blow a tire and don’t have a spare tire and the right equipment on you, then you may be stuck in a strange area waiting for assistance. 

The longer you are out there, the more dangerous it can be for you and your vehicle. But with the maintenance club, you can get both towing and flat tire assistance as needed. You won’t be stuck waiting for long, and you don’t have to worry about endangering yourself or the value. 

A Solid History 

So far, we have mostly focused on specific scenarios where a maintenance plan can protect your car from losing value. However, there is a more general benefit you should know about: Having a solid history boosts the trade-in value. 

When you trade, to a dealership or a private person, the buyer is interested in the overall vehicle quality. The more proof you have that the vehicle is in good quality, the better the price you can get. 

With the plan, you will have extensive documentation of different kinds of maintenance. This ultimately helps you get the best possible price! 

Get the Best Auto Club Maintenance Plan Today! 

Now you know how an auto club maintenance plan can protect value. But do you know where to get a plan of your own? 

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