Everything You Need To Know About Auto Insurance in Florida

A peninsula that stretches from the American South down to the warm waters of the Caribbean, Florida is known for its sunshine, orange groves, theme parks, natural grasslands, and sandy beaches. Home to more than 21.7 million residents, this state has become a hub for transplants from across the U.S. in recent years, with thousands relocating to many of its diverse cities.

It was originally the home of several Native American tribes, who lived here for at least 14,000 years. When Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de León arrived on its shores in 1513 searching for the Fountain of Youth, he called the land La Florida — a name inspired by the verdant landscape and lush flora. The Spanish established several settlements across the state. English settlers followed, and skirmishes and battles for control broke out over the years in and around St. Augustine — the state’s oldest city.

You’ll need car insurance to drive around and visit all the wonderful things Florida has to offer. It’s required by law. If you’re looking for an affordable auto policy to keep you and your loved ones safe on the road, InsureOne expert agents can help you find the best auto insurance at a great rate in Florida.

How Much Does Car Insurance Cost in Florida?

Florida drivers pay annual auto premiums of $3,183 for full coverage and $1,128 for minimum liability insurance.

These premiums are much higher than national averages, around $2,014 and $622 for full and minimum coverage, respectively. A full coverage policy costs 58% more in the Sunshine State. A basic policy is equally pricey, costing 81% more than what drivers in other states pay.

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What Does It Mean if Florida Is No-Fault?

A no-fault state means drivers use their own insurance to handle any property damage and injuries resulting from an accident, no matter who is at fault. Florida requires $10,000 in property damage and $10,000 in personal injury protection (PIP) for medical costs.

Affordable Car Insurance Rates Comparison by Cities in Florida

For a comparison of the average monthly premiums drivers pay in different cities across the state, check out our breakdown below.

City Full Coverage Insurance Liability Insurance Coverage
Tallahassee $187 $63
Miami $300 $109
Orlando $224 $82
Tampa $309 $116
Daytona Beach $196 $69

Our average monthly premiums by city are based on the following methodology: male, age 30, lowest possible legal coverage allowed by Florida.

How Bundling Your Vehicle and Homeowners Insurance Can Save You Money in Florida

Bundling coverage typically reduces annual premiums anywhere from 5% to 25%. This especially benefits homeowners, who pay more for insurance than renters.

If you own a house in Sarasota, St. Augustine, or Fort Lauderdale, for example, and bundle your home and auto coverage, you’ll likely get the maximum 25% rate reduction. Someone renting an apartment in Miami, Tampa, or any other Florida town or city might receive a 15% reduction for bundling.

An InsureOne agent can help you build a customizable insurance package that meets your needs and budget. They shop for you, comparing offerings from top providers, which saves you time and money.

What Types of Auto Discounts Are Available in Florida?

You can save money on your premiums if you’re eligible for one or more driver discounts. For example, bundling renters and auto coverage could bring your rate down by as much as 15% if you rent an apartment and own a car.

Other rate-reducing discounts include:

  • Good driver
  • Anti-theft
  • Low mileage
  • Loyalty
  • Good student
  • Military
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Florida Car Insurance Laws

Florida is a no-fault state with straightforward minimum mandatory liability coverage requirements. Here’s a closer look at what they are.

What Are the Mandatory Car Insurance Requirements in Florida?

Anyone who wants to register a four-wheeled vehicle in the Sunshine State must provide proof of auto insurance coverage to the state DMV. At a minimum, the policy must include:

PIP is required because this is a no-fault state. The PIP requirement is much higher if you use your private vehicle as a rideshare, which can be considered a taxi. In that case, you must carry:

  • bodily injury liability coverage of $125,00 per person, with up to $250,000 per occurrence
  • $50,000 for property damage liability

In this state, you must have continuous coverage even if you don’t drive your vehicle around too often or at all.

What Is the Penalty for Driving Without Insurance in Florida?

If you don’t have proof of valid, active insurance during a traffic stop, your driver’s license, vehicle registration, and vehicle tag could be suspended for up to three years. Reinstating them could cost you up to $500 in fees.

What Factors Does Florida Law Allow in Determining Your Premiums?

State law allows insurance companies to calculate your premium based on several factors. Some of the most important ones are:

  • Location
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Marital status
  • Driving record and experience
  • Vehicle type
  • Credit history
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Auto Insurance Rates for Young Drivers vs. Older People in Florida

Young drivers typically cost more to insure than older ones, and it’s no different in Florida. Annual premiums for full coverage in the Sunshine State for drivers between the ages of 16 and 20 range between $7,113 and $7,431. By contrast, drivers in their 40s and 50s pay between $2,929 and $3,131 annually in premiums — that’s around 57% to 59% less than younger drivers.

At InsureOne, our expert agents help you find the best auto insurance with flexible options that best meet your needs.

What Is Driving Like in Florida?

Florida’s weather is hot most of the year, with the southern half tending to be balmier and more tropical than the rest of the state. During the autumn and winter months, central and northern Florida experience colder weather than the southern half, with Tallahassee and cities in the panhandle occasionally experiencing snowfalls.

Rainstorms are common year-round, often leading to slick roads and other hazardous conditions. Florida is also prone to hurricanes barreling through its coasts, creating major hazards, including downed trees and power lines, excessive flooding, and coastal erosion.

How Many Car Accidents Happen in Florida?

In 2021, 3,451 fatal crashes in Florida resulted in 3,738 deaths. The following chart shows the number of fatal crashes that took place in various cities across the state that year.

City Fatal Crashes in 2021
Tallahassee 21
Miami 71
Tampa 75
St. Petersburg 38
Daytona Beach 23
Jacksonville 167
Key West 1
Orlando 49
Sarasota 15
Fort Myers 20
Lakeland 19
Vero Beach 1
Gainesville 24

Source: U.S. Department of Transportation National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

How Many Uninsured/Underinsured Motorists are in Florida?

More than 20% of Florida drivers are uninsured or underinsured. In 2019, it ranked number 6 among the states with the highest number of uninsured or underinsured motorists.

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