What is Bond Insurance?

Bond insurance, also known as “financial guaranty insurance,” is a type of insurance whereby an insurance company guarantees the ability of an individual or organization to have the financial capability to complete a specific project or perform their licensed duties.

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Types of Bonds Offered by InsureOne

InsureOne offers the following types of bond insurance:

  • License & Permit Bonds – Usually required by a civil authority, mostly small limits in nature and easily written.
  • Bid/Performance Bond – Required by an entity for a specific project that is larger in nature. Requires more information due to the limits requested.
  • Fidelity Bonds – Protects against theft by employees whether the organization or its customers.
  • Court Surety Bonds – Can be required for the probate of a will or other court proceedings not to be confused with a bail bond.

Contact one of our insurance representatives for more information on how to obtain the bond coverage appropriate for you. Request a bond insurance quote online or over the phone by calling (800) 836-2240.