7 Situations Where Roadside Assistance Is a Lifesaver

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Sometimes it feels like we are taking our lives into our hands every time we get behind the wheel. Although you may have excellent car insurance, it’s possible to add extra coverage that will help in the event of an emergency.

Adding roadside assistance benefits can keep that sudden problem from messing up your entire day. If your car breaks down or gets a flat tire in an unfamiliar area, you won’t feel so lost and alone while you find someone who can help.

With roadside assistance, you’re never alone, and help is only a phone call away. Keep reading to discover the situations in which roadside assistance is a major lifesaver!

1. Breaking Down in a Strange Area

Breaking down in your own town may not seem that scary. After all, you have friends, family, and colleagues who can help you out. Breaking down in a strange area, though, is much more frightening!

You may be far away from your support system when your car breaks down. If you need emergency help, you can’t afford to wait for friends who are many hours away. Fortunately, roadside assistance lets you get help wherever you are so that you can get back on the road.

2. Suddenly Running Out of Gas

Many modern vehicles have special displays that tell you exactly how many miles your car can go before it needs more gas. Here’s something they won’t tell you at the car dealer: Those displays are often incorrect!

It’s possible for newer cars to run out of gas far quicker than the display tells you. As for older cars, the fuel gauge may not be accurate after enough years. Either way, the result is the same: you may suddenly run out of gas far away from a gas station. You might even run out of gas in a scary part of town!

With roadside assistance, though, you can get emergency gas delivered right to you. After that, you can finish fueling up at the nearest gas station and go on with your day.

3. Unexpected Flat Tire

No driver is ever expecting a flat tire. All it takes is driving over some hidden road debris to take one of your tires out. If you’re not careful, this can wreck your whole day!

That’s because you may or may not have a spare tire with you, and you may not have the tools and talent to install the spare. If it’s possible to repair the flat tire, you probably won’t have the specialized equipment necessary.

Fortunately, when you get a flat tire, roadside assistance benefits include a kind of “all-in-one” tire service. Professionals can help you apply the spare, patch up the flat, and generally save the day when it comes to you arriving at your destination.

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4. Dead Car Battery

Car batteries dying is another event that always takes drivers by surprise. The alternators in our cars are designed to keep the batteries alive as we drive. Everything from a faulty alternator to a decaying battery can lead to the same result: a car that won’t start when you need it to.

Once again, roadside assistance benefits offer you plenty of great options. If the battery is just temporarily dead (perhaps as an effect of leaving its lights on), roadside assistance can help jump your car and get you on your way. If you think there is a more serious problem with the alternator or battery, they can tow your car to a mechanic for further diagnosis and repairs.

5. Emergency Towing Service

It’s fair to say that access to emergency towing services is one of the best parts of roadside assistance. Most of us have no way of knowing when something is about to go wrong with our cars. When something does go wrong, most drivers have no way to diagnose or fix the issue.

As usual, this can be that much scarier if you are in an unfamiliar area. With roadside assistance, you can get a lift to the nearest mechanic no matter where you are or what happened to your car. In other words, roadside assistance may be the best way to help you get to your destination on time!

6. Lost Keys

It’s embarrassing, but it happens every day. What are we talking about? Drivers getting locked out of their own cars, of course!

If your keys are locked inside your car, there is little you can do on your own. With roadside assistance, you can get help from local professionals. Whether you need a locksmith or just a lockout service, roadside helps you get back into your car and back behind the wheel where you belong.

7. Roadside Assistance Benefits: Your Travel Lifesaver

So far, we have focused on special situations where roadside assistance is a lifesaver. There is one general situation where roadside assistance shines, and that is any time you are engaged in extended travel.

There are many reasons you might be on the road for several days. This includes travel for work, vacation with the family, or even just a special holiday drive to go see mom and dad. All of these travel scenarios have one thing in common: you’ll have a schedule that you’re working hard to maintain!

Flat tires, dead batteries, and car wrecks in unfamiliar areas can take up your whole day, but they don’t have to. With the right roadside assistance benefits, you can get your car the help it needs and get back to your prepared travel schedule.

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