4 Simple Ways to Commute to the Airport More Safely During Holidays

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For many, the most important flight of the year is the one that brings you home to your extended family for the holidays. However, making that flight means navigating a tricky winter commute, and the last thing you want is to get in an accident.  

InsureOne has some tips to help you stay safe, make the flight, and have the Thanksgiving of your dreams. But just in case, it’s always best to be prepared. Make sure to have the best auto insurance with top-rated carriers before you embark on any trip in your vehicle, so you are protected come what may. 

Sound like a plan? Keep reading to discover some simple ways to make your holiday airport commute safer than ever! 

1. Remove Ice and Snow from Your Vehicle 

Part of what makes Thanksgiving driving so dangerous is that many people on the road will be driving erratically due to the snow and ice. And while you can’t make those erratic drivers into more reliable ones, you can make your own airport trip safer by removing any ice and snow from your vehicle before you start driving. 

It will take some extra time, but doing things like scraping off all the ice from your windshield can help to dramatically improve your visibility. You can’t always know what dangers the road will throw at you while you try to catch your flight, but you can at least make sure you are likely to see those dangers coming. 

2. Drive Slower Than Usual 

When you’re running late, you may be tempted to speed to the airport in order to arrive on time. However, one of the most important holiday travel tips is that you should actually drive slower than you normally do. 

Why is that? Everyone’s reaction times are slower when it’s snowing, and there are other road safety hazards to watch out for, such as hidden ice. By easing off the gas pedal on your way to the airport, you can avoid dangers like that and reduce the risk of crashing into other cars. 

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3. Be Especially Careful When Driving Over Bridges 

While hidden ice is a potential danger to airport commuters, it is at least something you can see when you know what to look for. But there’s another icy danger that you need to worry about that can be downright invisible—icy bridges. 

Because bridges are elevated, they get colder quicker than the surrounding roads and stay cold for quite a bit longer. That means that even when no ice is present anywhere else, bridges may be frozen and could easily end your airport commute in a car accident. For maximum safety, go slow over these bridges and try to avoid hitting the brakes or even the accelerator if possible. 

4. Go Easy on Brakes and Accelerator 

Speaking of brakes and the accelerator, the last airport commute safety tip couldn’t be simpler. Whether or not you can see ice on the road, you should be very gentle when applying the brakes or using the accelerator. 

The reason for this is that the road is likely much more slippery than you suspect. Sudden acceleration and especially sudden braking may send your car spinning out of control and could even increase your chances of a tire blowout. But by taking it easy on the brakes and accelerator, you can arrive at the airport without any incidents or injuries. 

Make Your Airport Commute Even Safer Today with the Best Car Insurance 

All of these tips should help you arrive at the airport safely and get you home for Thanksgiving. But just in case something happens on the drive, it’s important to have the right automobile insurance. 

InsureOne is thankful for drivers just like you, and it’s prepared to offer you the safety and protection you deserve. If you’re ready, you can always get a quote online. Of course, you can also pick up the phone and give InsureOne a quick call at 800-836-2240. Finally, feel free to come into a nearby office at your earliest convenience!