The Most Surprising Things That Homeowners Insurance Helps Protect

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What if homeowners insurance coverage was a better investment than you ever imagined? 

By now, most homeowners know the basics of what their insurance covers. This includes fire damage, smoke damage, weather damage, and so on. While such protection is valuable, this only scratches the surface of how homeowners insurance protects you. 

What are some of the most surprising things that your home insurance helps protect? Keep reading to discover the answer! 

Your Additional Living Expenses Are Part of Your Home Insurance 

Your home insurance coverage policy likely has a line mentioning “additional living expenses.” While that phrasing is very simple, what it means is that you and your family will have a place to stay in the event of catastrophic damage! 

Sometimes, your home is damaged badly enough that you won’t be able to stay there while it is being repaired. When this happens, you might have to temporarily stay in a hotel or make other living arrangements, which can be very expensive. 

Fortunately, your insurance will cover these living arrangements while your home is being repaired. 

Home Insurance Protects Other Structures on Your Property 

We mostly think about homeowners insurance protecting…well…our homes. But did you know that it helps to protect other structures on your property? 

For example, damage to your gazebo will be covered, as will damage to your patio. If you have a fancy doghouse or an expensive storage shed, damage to those things will be covered, as well. 

The only “trick” is to make sure your insurance carrier knows about these structures. As long as they know, you can rest assured these structures are covered

Liability Protection if Someone Gets Injured on Your Property 

One of the biggest but most overlooked aspects of your homeowners insurance coverage is the personal liability coverage. This helps to protect you in the event that a guest gets injured on your property. 

Maybe you’re having a barbeque and somebody gets injured by the grill. Or maybe somebody falls down your stairs. Most commonly, injuries occur when a pet ends up biting or scratching a visitor. 

If the injured person thinks the injury is your fault, they can sue you. Even if the court doesn’t find you guilty, the legal fees are enough to bury most people in debt. However, homeowners insurance will not only pay for the medical bills of the injured party but also your legal defense in the event of a lawsuit. 

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Other Damages Your Household May Cause 

If you have children or pets, there is always a chance they will cause damage outside of your property. For example, your dog bites another dog at the local park, or your child accidentally throws a baseball through a neighbor’s window. 

Believe it or not, the liability coverage that we mentioned above will protect you in these cases. It will help cover these damages and, if needed, make repairs to property that was damaged. Repairing your reputation with your neighbors, however, will be up to you! 

Your Home is Protected from Damage Caused by a Riot 

It’s an open secret that we live in tumultuous times. Protests are a part of our daily lives, and there is always a chance that a peaceful protest transforms into a deadly riot. 

One of the more unexpected things your insurance covers is damage from a riot (your policy may say something like “civil commotion” as code for a riot). If the riot leads to fires, explosions, and/or vandalism, these things should be covered. To help your case with the insurance carrier, though, make sure to document everything with the local police as soon as possible. 

Falling Meteorites Are Actually Covered Under Home Insurance 

Would you believe that your homeowners insurance coverage will protect you from unwanted visitors that come from space? No, we’re not talking about aliens — we’re talking about meteorites! 

Most homeowners insurance policies protect you against damage from objects that fall from the sky. While this may protect against a range of covered perils, it should also include actual meteorites that fall from space. 

In all honesty, the actual odds of a meteorite landing on your house are fairly low. If it happens, though, the damage could very well destroy your entire home. With a good insurance policy, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing your home is protected from these outer-space threats. 

Your Personal Belongings Are Covered Under Home Insurance 

One of the best things about homeowners insurance coverage is that it does more than protect the home itself. It also helps to protect your personal belongings inside the home. That means if things like your furniture or electronics get damaged by something like leaky pipes, your insurance will pay to replace them. 

Interestingly, this property protection extends outside of the home, too. If you are traveling and property in your car gets damaged or stolen, it should also be protected by your policy. In some cases, the policy may also protect your child’s property if they are attending college and staying in a dorm! 

Landscaping Damage Is Covered with Home Insurance 

Have you focused on making the outside of your home look beautiful? It’s an open secret that landscaping can be very expensive. If your landscaping gets damaged, your insurance may offer protection! 

That is because most policies offer a certain amount of protection for damage to things like plants, trees, and shrubs. However, the key word here is “damage.” The policy will reimburse (up to a certain amount) for landscaping that is damaged by things like weather (such as a tornado) or vandalism. However, it won’t pay out if plants are damaged by disease or if you simply fail to properly maintain your yard. 

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