Managing Pet Damages in a Rental Property: A Guide for Pet Parents

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Could a playful dog end up landing you thousands of dollars in debt? 

If you rent your home and you don’t have renters insurance, you could find yourself in financial hot water if you own a pet. That’s because it’s one of the best protections against pet damage to property and even offers legal protections if you are sued over something like a dog bite. 

How does renters insurance protect you, and what does every pet owner need to know about it? Keep reading to learn about pet damage and rental insurance! 

Does Rental Insurance Cover Pet Damage? 

Renters insurance offers protection against a wide array of events. When it comes to animal damage, rental coverage can protect you in two very specific ways. 

For example, a standard policy offers property damage liability. This doesn’t apply to your personal property, but instead to damage that animals such as a dog may cause. For example, if your dog gets loose and destroys a neighbor’s expertly laid flowerbed or anything else in the yard, this coverage would allow you to pay for the damages. 

Another part of this policy’s liability coverage is that it protects you from injuries that you might be liable for if your pet injures someone else or their pet. If your dog ends up biting someone or biting someone’s pet, you’d be able to pay the medical costs for their treatment. If they still end up taking you to court, your legal costs will then be covered. 

Is There a Difference Between Pet Renters Insurance and Pet Insurance? 

So far, this article has focused on how a renters policy is a must-have for animal owners. However, you may have also heard people use the term “pet insurance,” and it’s important to understand that these two types of coverage are completely different. 

For example, most carriers don’t offer a separate type of renter’s coverage for animal owners; at most, they may refuse to cover certain breeds or require you to get an extra rider for certain breeds. Otherwise, though, pet liability coverage is just a regular part of your renter’s policy. 

Conversely, “pet insurance” is a specialized health policy that can help with your animal’s medical costs. It’s a great way to minimize things like veterinary bills and prescription medication costs, but it offers no protections to you as a renter. 

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FAQ on Pets & Rental Insurance 

Here are some common questions and answers for those who are renting and who own a pet. With the following info, you can keep yourself protected! 

Can a Landlord Require Pet Insurance as Part of the Rental Agreement?

Landlords can never require you to get health coverage for your pet. However, in most states, landlords are within their rights to require that their tenants have renters insurance before they lease out a property. 

Are Certain Dog Breeds Excluded From Pet Liability Coverage Under Renters Insurance?

Some carriers may exclude certain breeds, including pit bulls and Rottweilers. In some cases, you might have to sign a waiver exempting the carrier from responsibility for damage caused by these breeds, both for rental coverage as well as homeowners insurance

Does Renters Insurance Cover Pet Theft? 

Sadly, renters insurance typically doesn’t cover the theft of your animal. Neither does pet health coverage, although some plans offer free help trying to recover a lost pet. 

Get the Best Renters Insurance Today! 

Now you know why renters insurance is so important if you own an animal. But do you know where you can get the kind of coverage you and your fuzzy friend deserve? 

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