Why You Should Bundle Auto and Home Insurance

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What if you could save plenty of time and money, and gain greater peace of mind, just by making a single phone call? 

If you are a homeowner, chances are you have a home insurance policy. If you also own an automobile, you most likely also have car insurance. In that case, it may be possible to bundle auto and home insurance together. 

The result can make your life much easier, but many people do not know how to start. Curious about what bundling home and auto insurance can do for you and your family? Keep reading to learn the answers. 

Understanding the Basics of Bundling Home and Auto 

If you have never bundled home and auto insurance (or other forms of coverage) together, the whole process may seem confusing. Fortunately, bundling is far simpler and easier than you may imagine. 

For automobile owners, it is mandatory to have a liability car insurance policy for your vehicle. If your home has a mortgage, your finance company most likely requires home coverage. If you are happy with your insurer, nothing prevents you from getting both of these from the same company. In turn, carriers are happy to pass on savings when you bundle coverage as a reward for being loyal, as well as making it easier to administer from a billing and claims standpoint. 

Speaking of staying, if you pay for coverage on a monthly basis, you can switch your carrier whenever you want. That means you can drop one or both policies anytime to move them to a different insurance company. However, especially with home insurance, your insurer may want payment up front for a set period. You may also get a discount if you pay your auto coverage up front for six months, as well. 

The Rising Popularity of Bundled Insurance Packages 

In recent years, insurance bundling has become more popular. It is not hard to see why: As a customer, you can save money (maybe up to 25% off). That’s a big incentive, but even more importantly, if you have found an insurance company offering the best coverage with the white-glove service you expect, why not make it easier on yourself and save money at the same time? 

Because of this, you potentially have nothing to lose and everything to gain from bundling your coverage with one carrier. What do you gain, though? Simply put, this is a way to instantly save both time and money (countless people are paying too much for homeowners insurance). 

Unpacking the Benefits of Bundling 

The main benefit of bundling is it has the potential to save you plenty of money on your monthly premiums. Depending on your carrier and your policies, you may be able to save as much as 25% off of what you are currently paying. Your insurance company should be happy to offer such savings because they know you can switch to another company at any time. Giving you a discount encourages you to do business with them for much longer. 

The other chief benefit of bundling is the time you can save each month. By getting all your coverage through the same company, you only have one company to deal with when renewing, filing claims and paying bills. That can help you save plenty of time, which is the only thing you cannot buy. 

When evaluating the pros and cons of bundling insurance, the pros are simple and significant. Who would not want to save time and money each month?  

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Is It Easy to Switch Carriers? 

Most people can drop their existing insurer anytime and switch to a new one. That is why it is periodically important to shop around and get new quotes. If a certain company offers the best coverage at great prices for both home and auto, chances are they will offer an even better collective price when those policies are bundled. 

When shopping around, you want to find a carrier that combines the service and pricing you deserve (always important because so many things can increase your homeowner’s insurance). With a few clicks and phone calls, you can upgrade your coverage to a better carrier as early as today. 

FAQs About Car and Home Insurance Bundles 

Looking for the best auto and home insurance bundle? If so, you probably have some important questions that need answering. Below, you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about coverage bundles. 

What Should I Look for in a Bundled Insurance Plan? 

Arguably, the most important thing to look for in any bundle is the level of coverage. It is easy enough to compare prices and discover how much money you can save on monthly premiums (just one of the ways drivers can get a lower insurance premium). However, it is equally important to ensure you are still getting high-quality coverage, something you will appreciate if you ever need to make a claim. 

How Much Can I Really Save by Bundling My Home and Auto Insurance? 

Depending on the carrier you use and the car and home you need to insure, bundling may help you save as much as 25% off your monthly premium. It is also possible that you can find better prices by paying for each policy separately, so be sure and check in with your neighborhood agent. However, saving on insurance can help you keep up with the hidden costs of home ownership

Can I Bundle Insurance If I Rent Instead of Own? 

Most carriers allow you to bundle renters and automobile coverage and offer discounts for getting multiple policies of any kind, including boat or RV policies. 

How Easy Is It to Switch to a Bundled Insurance Policy? 

For most people, bundling is a multi-part process. First, you will need to find the carrier you wish to use for both policies. Next, you will need to cancel the policies at your old carrier while ensuring you are protected by the new carrier (this way, there is no coverage gap). Fortunately, this can typically be done with a few phone calls. 

Can Bundling Affect My Insurance Coverage Levels or Options? 

In rare cases, your coverage levels could suffer from bundling because you switch from one insurer that specializes in a certain type of policy and end up with an inferior policy as part of a bundle. Again, the easy fix is to make sure you choose the best possible carrier (one that will not make you sacrifice coverage quality for savings) when it comes to bundling. 

How to Get Started with the Best Insurance for Bundling 

You may have started this article asking yourself, “Should I bundle home and auto insurance?” Now you know the benefits of bundling auto and home insurance. But do you know where to find the best company for your bundling needs? 

Here at InsureOne, we know that premium clients like yourself deserve the most options and the best service. If you are ready to experience the InsureOne difference, it is time to get a quote online. Of course, you can also pick up the phone and give us a quick call at 800-836-2240. Finally, feel free to visit us at an InsureOne office near you