Five Situations Where Buying Cheap Car Insurance is a Bad Idea

A car insurance policy isn’t a one-size-fits-all cure for unexpected automotive expenses. The policy that you and your car need should be carefully chosen for your unique budget, lifestyle, and vehicle. There is no single solution, especially for buyers that aren’t looking for the most expensive plan money can buy. How you choose to buy your insurance can influence what you’re covered for, which additional services and features are available, and your premium.

A vehicle’s model, a driver’s history of accidents, and even the color of your car can influence your car insurance pricing as well, and it may be tempting to go online and buy the cheapest state minimum coverage you can buy. In some situations, a well-informed customer can find and purchase a good policy online, but it’s very likely that buyers will face unexpected limitations and stipulations while buying their policy, leading to compromise and a plan that doesn’t fit.

If you’re having trouble deciding whether or not to buy cheap car insurance online, exercise caution if you fit into one of the five following categories.

1.) You’re planning on bundling policies to get a discount

Bundling your auto insurance with your homeowners insurance, health insurance, or any other policy can be a great way to lower your auto insurance rates and save money, but if you shop online, you may not be able to bundle. Talk to an independent agent or contact us today to compare quotes and find a policy that saves you money now and down the road.

2.) You’re buying an insurance policy for a classic car

Surprisingly enough, there are companies that offer special policies specifically for older classic cars. Why is that? Well, a classic car requires a different auto insurance policy given its value and the fact that many classic cars spend most of their time in the garage. Insuring your classic car might not be as expensive as you think, and buying a cheap policy online is the worst move you can make.

3.) You’re not comfortable using the internet for insurance

It’s completely understandable that a buyer would want to avoid buying a policy online for safety concerns. While most car insurance companies keep their online purchasing pages extremely well-protected, those who aren’t completely familiar with online scams may fall victim. Comparing rates online can also be frustrating and overly time consuming for some. Scheduling a consultation with a local agent can make the process less stressful and risky.

4.) You’re buying your first policy or don’t know how much coverage you need

Buying the right auto insurance is one of the most important steps you can take to lock in your financial security, and if you’re a first-time or inexperienced buyer, the buying process may be overwhelming. There are seemingly endless options, and the best way to sift through them all to find the perfect policy for you is to call or meet up with a trusted insurance agent in your area.

5.) You want to save money on your policy

Believe it or not, buying a “cheap” policy online isn’t the best way to save money, even if you don’t want any coverage beyond state-minimum liability insurance. Meeting with an agent gives you a chance to ask about discounts, special policies, and more inexpensive coverage options while still allowing you to sit down and decide which policy is right for you. Even on a budget, choosing the right policy is an extremely important step, and if you qualify for discounts, you could save a lot of money.