Why Liability Insurance is so Important Around Holidays

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Most people don’t worry about their homeowner’s insurance when they’re taking the feast out of the oven, but they should. The surprising truth is that holiday liability coverage is particularly important for holidays because these times have the potential to be quite dangerous. 

Don’t believe it? Hold onto your stockings as we walk you through why liability insurance is so important around holidays! 

Excited Pets Become Dangerous Pets 

This might be your first time thinking of holidays and liability coverage at the same time, and chances are you are imagining everything that could go wrong around the house. While there are plenty of things that can go sideways in your home, one of the biggest threats may occur long before you start serving food or unwrapping gifts. 

Specifically, your dog(s) may pose a major risk this time of year. Holiday liability coverage is important for the same reasons that liability is always important: when lots of extra people are hanging in the neighborhood and piling into your home, it can drive a dog positively crazy with excitement.  

If that excitement translates into a painful bite for one of your guests, you may be considered at fault, making your liability insurance crucially important

Things Heating Up in the Kitchen (Literally) 

Make it home from the grocery store without getting into any accidents? Congrats! This is a bigger achievement than most people realize. But once you start transforming those groceries into tasty holiday dishes, you may have to deal with a different kind of risk altogether. 

Kitchen fires are very common this time of year, and the main culprit is the oven. Anything that needs to cook in the oven for many hours or at high heat on the stovetop can spell trouble – especially if you are distracted by visitors. This could cause a fire, and you could be liable if anyone is injured. Good coverage can help you take care of their medical bills and (if necessary) your own legal bills. 

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Accidents Are Surprisingly Common 

The most common liability claims involve people getting into accidents at your home and blaming you for their injuries. Normally, you might not worry about this because your house is a (mostly) controlled environment. Around holidays, however, that control is easily lost, and it can lead to some very painful accidents. 

For example, guests who have been drinking could easily fall down your interior stairs, and even the most sober guests might slide down icy porch stairs. Even the food can be threatening if someone chokes on a bone or (perhaps even worse) comes down with food poisoning. In all of these instances, you could be held liable and face major court fees and medical costs. Thanks to liability insurance, though, your costs will be covered if the worst happens. 

When Fun Leads to Injuries 

Let’s say that you make it home from the grocery store, prepare your fabulous meal, and everyone eats without any incidents. At this point, you may be tempted to let your guard down and relax. But even relaxation sometimes carries risks! 

That’s because many people spend holidays together with physical activities like playing football or exotic activities like riding snowmobiles. No matter how much fun you have, guests might hold you liable for any nasty accidents. If that happens, you’re going to need the liability protection that comes from great homeowner’s insurance. 

Get the Best Homeowner’s Insurance Today! 

Now you know why liability insurance is so important around holidays. However, do you know where you can get coverage even more reliable than mom’s apple pie? 

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