6 Motorcycle Anti Theft Tips

motorcycle driver on road with anti theft system

Getting your motorcycle stolen is upsetting. For many people, a bike is not just a form of transportation – it’s their pride and joy. Motorcycle theft is more common than you might think. Thousands of motorcycles are stolen every year in the US, especially in the warmer months. The most commonly stolen motorcycle models are Yamaha, Honda, and Suzuki.

Does motorcycle insurance cover theft? It depends. If you’re a motorcycle owner, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Let’s look at some motorcycle anti-theft tips below. 

Use Multiple Locks on Your Motorcycle

When you use multiple locks and anchor them to something immovable, thieves won’t be able to steal your motorcycle. Just like the fork lock, a disc brake lock gives added protection. It not only prevents the front wheel from turning but also ensures the bike does not move at all. 

Think About Visibility When Parking 

You should always think about parking seriously. Every time you’re in public, make sure the motorcycle is in a well-lit place. Even better if you can park it in an area where there are other motorcycles. This ensures yours is not singled out and is an effective motorcycle anti-theft strategy. Also, keeping the bike in plain view of other people is enough to keep criminals away. 

If you’re at home, you should lock the bike in the garage. In addition to that, you should cover it to ensure the thieves can’t see important details. When traveling, you should park the motorcycle near a security camera’s view. Check on it periodically just to be sure there are no suspicious individuals around. 

Install a Hidden Kill Switch

A motorcycle on parking lot with anti theft so it doesn't get stolen

If your bike doesn’t come with a kill switch, why not install one? This device makes it impossible to start the bike even if the criminal has the key. The engine won’t start unless the user disables the kill switch. While the kill switch gives an extra layer of protection, it makes no difference if thieves know how to flip it. A kill switch is arguably the best motorcycle theft protection system. 

Use a GPS Locator

Although a GPS locator is not a huge deterrent, this is what the authorities use to track stolen motorcycles. You should hide the device somewhere safe on your bike. The service provider may charge a small monthly fee, but it’s worth it for motorcycle theft prevention. 

Customize the bike

Customization improves your bike performance and gives it a unique look. And because a customized bike is easily identifiable, most criminals won’t bother with it. Keep in mind that the customization won’t do you any good if you don’t take some pictures of the changes you’ve made. In the event your bike is stolen, you should present the license plate number, model, and make of your motorcycle to the police. 

Use a Strong, Quality Chain

You should avoid chains that can be cut with bolt cutters and acetylene torch. If you want to anchor your bike, you should lock the chain on the rear wheel as it is more difficult to remove. 

There’s nothing more frustrating than investing in a motorcycle only to have it stolen by a thief. Be sure to follow the above how to prevent motorcycle theft measures to avoid having it stolen. 

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