Is Your Home Safe for the Holidays?

walkway to home covered in snow with holiday wreaths on front doors

The holidays are nearly upon us! This is a time to gather with your family and friends, pass out some gifts, and generally enjoy the magic of the season. 

Unfortunately, the holidays are also a time for many disasters. From weather to disruptive guests, you never know exactly what is going to happen to your home. 

And while you can’t predict what will happen, you can protect your property with homeowners’ insurance. Keep reading to discover how this insurance will protect you against possible holiday disasters! 

Christmas Lights Gone Wrong 

One of the things that homeowners’ insurance covers is damage from fires. However, many homeowners hesitate to purchase this coverage because they think that a fire in their home is doubtful. 

However, the holidays actually increase your risk of fire damage, thanks to Christmas lights. Wiring problems and other issues can turn those exterior lights and Christmas tree lights into a real fire hazard. 

Fortunately, homeowners’ insurance protects your financial investment if there is a fire. And just in case those jokes about your mother’s cooking being a fire hazard come true, you’ll have the added fire protection you need! 

The Threat of Winter Weather 

Homeowners’ insurance doesn’t offer perfect protection against the weather. For example, you typically need to take out separate riders if you want protection from things like floods or hurricanes. But typically, one protection this insurance does offer is against winter weather storm damage. 

At first, you might not think that snow and ice are likely to cause much damage. But as the snow and ice accumulate on top of your house, it makes things that much heavier. And before you know it, the roof may collapse from the weight! 

Replacing the roof can be very annoying and very expensive. But homeowners’ insurance will cover the replacement costs and even pay for a place to temporarily stay if your family can no longer live in your house. 

house covered in snow

Dangers of Drunk Drivers 

We often think about homeowners’ insurance in terms of the interior damage it protects against. But this coverage also helps to protect the exterior of your home from things such as automobile damage. 

On any given day, your house probably isn’t in much danger of vehicular damage. But around the holidays, there is a chance that friends, family, or other guests may arrive after having had some drinks – they could conceivably run into your house while trying to park. 

Alternatively, some of them may try to drive away from your home after drinking a little too much eggnog. In some places, you may be held responsible if someone leaves your home impaired and gets into an accident. Some homeowners’ policies will give you some protection against legal problems. 

Either way, a drunken person behind the wheel in your driveway is a recipe for disaster. Having the best homeowners’ insurance available can alleviate potential problems. 

Watch for Sticky Fingers 

Here’s an open secret: while the holidays are a great time to see family members that you love and miss, this is often a time when you are forced to see others that are virtual strangers. This includes all those distant aunts and uncles as well as cousins, nieces, and nephews that you barely know. 

And, family or no family, letting people into your home invites the risk of theft. Someone could walk away with something valuable, and you might not notice until long after your holiday party is over. 

The bad news is that homeowners’ insurance won’t magically keep your items from being stolen. But it will help to replace stolen items and repair damaged items. 

Stop Worrying About Holiday Vandals 

Speaking of repairing damage, one unfortunate truth of the holidays is that your home is at increased risk of vandals. Such vandalism usually comes from younger people who may try to “tag” your fence with paint or otherwise vandalize your home. School being out for the holidays means these vandals have nothing but time. 

There is always something personal about people vandalizing your home. After all, it is more than four walls and a roof: This is the place where you create unforgettable memories with your family. 

Don’t let those holiday memories be ruined by vandalism. Instead, protect your home with the right coverage and rest easy each night, knowing that if you do get “tagged”, you’ll be able to access funds to make repairs. 

No Weather Woes 

Earlier, we touched on the risk of ice and snow—specifically, the risk of these things causing your roof to collapse. However, as the holidays grow near, there are other weather dangers that might be headed your way. 

For example, rain during the colder months is likely to turn into hail. And even a brief hailstorm can cause some major damage to your house. If you live in a windy area, you should also know that wind damage may also pose a significant threat to your property, even if it’s not a tornado

Once again, you can’t easily predict unexpected weather. But this holiday season, you can expect the unexpected by getting the best homeowners’ insurance. 

Protection from Litigious Guests 

Speaking of expecting the unexpected, there is a certain protection homeowners’ insurance offers that many homeowners never imagined they would need. And that is protection against lawsuits from your holiday guests! 

If a guest is injured on your property and they think it is your fault (as in, you were neglectful and potentially liable), they may sue you. And even if you are innocent and survive the lawsuit, the legal costs of defending yourself may make it nearly impossible to afford Christmas gifts this year (or maybe even the next few years). 

The good news is that homeowners’ insurance helps to pay for both the legal costs to you and the medical bills that your guest may face. This is far preferable to you being stuck with a huge bill that you can barely afford to pay! 

Where Can You Get the Best Homeowners’ Insurance? 

Now you know why homeowners’ insurance is so important for the holidays. And if you get insurance now at InsureOne, you’ll be able to beat those rising prices.  

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