4 Burglary Statistics That Prove the Need for Renter’s Insurance

Burglar in the living room with mask on and crow bar - renters insurance

What if the things you love most could be taken from you when you least expect it? 

That’s the case for all of us because burglars could strike at any time. Of course, many people skip out on renter’s insurance because they think this could never happen to them. Or perhaps they think it’s cheaper in the long run to replace what was stolen rather than pay a monthly premium. 

Sadly, both of these assumptions are completely wrong. Don’t believe it? Keep reading to discover four burglary statistics that prove why you need renter’s insurance! 

1. Over One Million Burglaries Happen Each Year 

Many people think that the odds of home burglary are very low. In fact, you might think that it’s something that you only see in movies and television shows. In reality though, the odds of home robbery are much higher than you might think. 

Over one million home burglaries happen annually in the United States. It could easily happen to you and, if it does, you could lose some of your most precious items in a matter of minutes. If you have renter’s insurance, replacing those items is as easy as calling your carrier. 

2. 140 Burglaries Happen Every Hour 

Even when you realize that over one million burglaries happen each year, it’s hard to wrap your mind around how common it really is (especially around the holidays). In fact, would you believe that by the time you finish reading this short paragraph, at least one robbery has occurred? 

Statistics report that one home in America is robbed every 25.7 seconds. Add that up and you’ll realize that 140 burglaries happen every hour of the day. Unless you have the right insurance coverage, you might not be able to replace your belongings if your own house becomes another statistic. 

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3. A Burglar Only Needs 10 Minutes 

How long do you think the average burglary actually takes? Many people think that such household theft would take so long that the robbers are likely to get caught in the act. Sadly, this is the exact opposite of the truth. 

Factually, the average burglary only lasts between eight to 10 minutes. This means that a thief might be able to get what they are looking for while you are walking the dog, grabbing some takeout, or even taking your child to school. It could take years to restore what these thieves ruin in only minutes unless you have renter’s insurance in your corner. 

4. 25% of Burglaries Happen During the Day 

Pop quiz: when do you think most home burglaries actually happen? Most people assume that they happen at night, and this is largely true. 75% of burglaries happen during the evening. This is why so many people turn on the lights and leave the television set on when they leave the house; it gives the impression that the home is occupied and, therefore, more difficult to rob. 

However, it’s worth considering that a quarter of those home robberies (again, over one million per year) happen during daylight hours. To put it bluntly, your home just isn’t as safe as you probably thought it was, and it can be a target of thieves at all hours of the day. That’s the bad news; the good news is that with the right renter’s insurance, you can give your home and your most prized possessions the protection they deserve. 

Protect Yourself from Burglary with the Best Renter’s Insurance 

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