Do Insurance Companies Charge More for Red Cars?

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What if you were paying more for your car insurance and didn’t even know it? 

There are many myths out there about what increases the cost of your car insurance. One of the most persistent myths is that if you drive a red car, your insurance company is going to charge you more. 

But is there any truth to this myth? We’ll dispel this myth, plus let you know what actually increases your car insurance premium and what can you do about it.  

Do Insurance Carriers Charge More for Red Cars? 

Contrary to popular belief, insurance companies do not charge more for having a red car. While your insurance carrier will consider the make and model of your vehicle, the color does not play a factor in the cost of your premium. 

Basically, your insurance company is much more down-to-earth than you might have imagined. They care about your car’s make and model because certain cars are likelier to get stolen. Other cars are statistically likelier to get into accidents. And what a car costs to repair also factors into that decision.  

It doesn’t matter whether those cars are red, black, or even rainbow-colored. Your insurance company simply cares about how the car is likely to affect what they have to pay out in the event of a claim. 

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Are Red Cars Likelier To Get Pulled Over? 

Red cars are slightly more likely to get pulled over by the police. However, this probably has more to do with the car’s make and model and the driver’s behavior than it does with the color of the car. 

By definition, a red car is flashier and easier to spot, which may be one reason red cars are likelier to get pulled over. However, the most likely cause of getting pulled over is driving behavior, including speeding and reckless driving. It is possible, of course, that those who are likelier to speed are likelier to buy red cars. That means the idea that red cars get ticketed more may become a self-fulfilling prophecy: As someone gets more tickets, they become more expensive to insure. 

With all that being said, police are also likely to pull over certain models of cars regardless of color. This is often due to a combination of the car being easier to spot (in the case of fancier luxury vehicles) or more commonly involved in crimes and accidents (in the case of economy vehicles). 

Are Red Cars Likelier to Get Into Accidents? 

Red cars are not likelier to get into car accidents. In fact, it is actually darker-colored cars that are more likely to be involved in an automobile accident. 

Earlier, we discussed the fact that red is a much more visible color to the police. It is also a more visible color to everyone else on the road as well. If people find it easier to see a red car, they are that much less likely to crash into it. 

While the studies aren’t very extensive, some previous studies have suggested it is actually cars with darker colors (like gray and black) that are more likely to get into accidents. That is because such cars are harder to see, especially at night. 

Are Red Cars Likelier to Be Stolen? 

Red cars are not likelier to be stolen. This is likely due to car thieves worrying about the higher visibility of the car

Obviously, getting your car stolen can drive your insurance up. However, car thieves are far likelier to steal cars that are black, gold, green, or white. These car colors effectively “blend in,” and that’s a high priority for a thief who doesn’t want to be caught. In this case, the high visibility of a red car really works in the driver’s favor! 

Why Do People Keep Believing This Myth? 

The myth of red cars costing more in insurance most likely comes from pop culture and our own associations with the color red. Additionally, red is a color favored by those who love speed, so we associate red cars with fast cars. 

Think about your favorite movies and television shows over the years. Chances are that if a rebellious character had a car or motorcycle, it was red. Over time, this helped us associate red cars with reckless driving, leading to the myth that a red color immediately drives your insurance up. 

Additionally, we associate the color red with passion and impulsive behavior. It’s natural to associate red cars with fast, reckless behavior and assume insurance premiums will reflect that. 

Finally, many professional racing cars are painted red. This helps make them more visible to audiences, but these cars help to further our association between red cars and dangerous speed. 

What Are the Factors That Do Increase My Insurance? 

The cost of your car insurance premium is determined by many factors. This includes your driving record, age, gender, car type, where you live, and more. 

Some of these are difficult to change. However, it’s possible that you can work on improving things like your driving record and your credit score in order to get a cheaper insurance premium. 

Keep in mind that it’s always worth asking your insurance carrier about special discounts they may offer. There are car insurance discounts for things like completing a driving safety course and installing anti-theft features in your car that can help you save money each month. 

Of course, red car or no red car, your best way to save money is to switch to a new insurance carrier that can offer you better rates. 

Get the Best Car Insurance Your Need Today 

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