7 Best Ways to Protect Your RV When Traveling

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What if you had to worry about a home invasion no matter where you were? 

This is the daily reality for many who like to travel with their RV. Sure, these travelers may protect their vehicles with solid RV insurance. But the truth is that you need more than good insurance coverage if you want to stay safe out on the road. 

Are you gearing up for your next trip? Time to make sure you, your family, and your ride are safe. Keep reading to discover the best ways to protect your RV when traveling! 

1. Change the Locks Before You Travel 

Sometimes, the most effective security tips are also the simplest. Case in point: changing out the locks of your RV as soon as possible, especially before you hit the road. Consider this an easy supplement to your insurance coverage

Why is this so important? Many recreational vehicle owners don’t realize that the keys to one RV can often unlock others from the same manufacturer. That means that other RV drivers might be able to steal from you. Or even worse, someone simply buying some manufacturer’s keys off eBay could just unlock the door and steal everything when you’re not looking. 

Changing the locks is quick and easy. Plus, it provides peace of mind that’s completely worth it! 

2. Research Campground Security Ahead of Time 

Most serious travelers park their RVs at campgrounds in different areas when they travel. These campgrounds are a great way to enjoy some of the amenities from home while you’re on the road. And if you’re feeling social, these campgrounds also give you a chance to meet and greet some of your fellow travelers. 

However, a simple truth is that some campgrounds are safer than others. We strongly recommend that you review what security features a campground has to offer before you make a reservation. In some cases, it just takes a bit of research for you to find a much safer place to park overnight, helping you to protect your vacation

3. Invest In a Safe 

As a general rule, you shouldn’t travel with too many valuables if you can avoid it. Nonetheless, you can’t really travel without things like cash, credit/debit cards, and other important items. 

To keep these items safe, we recommend you invest in a good safe. In a perfect world, nobody would ever be able to break into your RV to steal anything from you. However, with the right safe, you can have that extra layer of protection for your most valuable possessions as you travel around the country (especially around the holidays). 

4. Make Your RV Look Crazy (No, Really) 

In more ways than you might think, RV theft works a lot like car theft. For example, someone who would steal your entire ride is hoping that they can get your stolen vehicle to blend in so they don’t get caught. Therefore, making sure your RV can’t easily blend in is one of the easier ways to protect your vehicle. 

Adding a bunch of colorful decals or even adding a custom paint job to your RV helps it stand out, all while giving you a chance to express your personality. And would-be thieves are likely to leave your ride alone simply because it now has so many features that are really easy to identify. And this is just a really fun way to stay safe on your vacation

Happy African-American family outside of their RV in the campground

5. Install GPS Tracking 

With any luck, your RV will never get stolen. Still, it’s important to take measures now so that you have a backup plan if that happens. And the ultimate backup plan is to install GPS tracking in your vehicle. 

This works the same as installing a GPS into your car, and it helps catch RV thieves the same way it helps catch car thieves. If someone drives away with your ride, the GPS will lead you (and the local police) directly to the thieves who stole from you. 

6. Electronic Security Measures 

Growing up, you probably heard the old expression that an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. With that in mind, it’s best to install certain electronic security measures to minimize the odds of your recreational vehicle getting stolen. 

At the bare minimum, we recommend that your vehicle security system include three components. You’ll want cameras and motion detectors that help alert you to people creeping around outside (and if you have footage of suspicious people, it may help you in the event of future theft). And, of course, you’ll want alarms on your doors and windows that instantly alert you that someone is trying to break in. 

Keep in mind that installing more safety features can help you get a discount on your RV insurance

7. Lock It Down When Not In Use 

By now, you’ve probably noticed that the scariest thing that can happen to your RV is that someone steals it right out from under you. Therefore, one of the most effective ways to protect the vehicle when you’re traveling is to lock it down when not in use. 

To begin with, we recommend you use ball and pin hitch locks. A ball lock can keep someone from attaching your unhitched trailer to their truck, and a pin lock can keep someone from unhitching your trailer from your truck. Round things out with a tire boot lock that keeps would-be thieves from going anywhere in the stolen vehicle. 

Give Your RV the Best Insurance Today! 

Now you know the best ways to protect your RV when you travel. But do you know who else is ready to give your vehicle the protection it deserves? 

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