7 Valuable Items You Need Additional Insurance to Protect

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What if your most valuable possessions weren’t nearly as safe as you imagined? 

Most people who own their own home protect that investment with good home insurance. Part of that policy goes to cover the theft or damage of your personal items. Because of that, you may think the various expensive items in your home are safe. 

Unfortunately, most home policies only pay a flat amount for personal items, which means your valuable items may not have enough coverage. Unless you supplement your current coverage with additional insurance, you could lose something priceless in the blink of an eye! 

Just which items in your home need such additional insurance, though? Keep reading to discover the answer! 

1. Jewelry 

Right at the top of the list of items homeowners need additional coverage for is jewelry. That’s because jewelry is both very small and can be very expensive. Obviously, no insurance can ever fully make up for the nostalgic value of jewelry given to you by a romantic partner or that has been passed down in your family from generation to generation. But if any of your treasured items are damaged or stolen, this coverage can help you begin new memories by paying out for what was taken from you. 

If you get new jewelry on a regular basis, never forget the importance of updating your coverage as needed! 

2. Computers and Other Electronics 

If you just have a basic computer in your home and mostly older televisions and other electronics, your existing homeowners policy is probably sufficient. But if you have a cutting-edge PC (such as one designed for gaming or video editing) or a fancier TV (the kind you worry about getting damaged when kids run by it), then a standard policy may not cut it when it comes to replacing your things. 

With additional coverage, you can protect your most valuable electronics. Just keep in mind that you’ll need to know the dollar value of your expensive items before you can get them properly insured! 

It may be helpful to hold onto receipts after you purchase expensive electronics. This can not only help with potential tax audits but help you know how much you spent on everything, allowing you to fully determine how much coverage you need. 

3. Fine Art 

Art lovers like to say that you can’t put a price on art. However, that’s not exactly true. If any of your own collected art is damaged, destroyed, or lost after a break-in, you may discover very quickly that your existing coverage doesn’t cover the full value of the lost works of art. 

If you’re really worried about your art collection, be sure to have the various items appraised for their value. Once you know what that value is, you can take out additional coverage to make sure you are properly protected. 

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4. Expensive Collections 

Sometimes, homeowners have large collections of unconventional (but valuable) things. This might include things like baseball card collections that you have spent a lifetime collecting. 

Such collections only grow more valuable over time, and that makes them much harder to replace if they should get lost or stolen. As your collection grows over time, make sure to keep track of its current value and get extra coverage as needed. 

5. Fine China 

Over time, it’s become something of a cliche that families only break out “the good china” for very special guests. There’s a good reason for that: Good china dinnerware is very expensive. Just as nobody wants to risk breaking that dinnerware for no good reason, it’s equally as important to worry about your china getting stolen or broken. 

As with many of the items on this list, your favorite china may not be easily replaced, especially if it has significant emotional value. Still, once you have additional insurance to protect your dinnerware, you’ll have the peace of mind that comes from knowing you can replace everything if you have to. 

6. Firearms 

It’s an open secret that firearms are very expensive. Ammo alone can eat up quite a bit of your budget, and the guns themselves are pricy. 

Professional firearms are in a league of their own when it comes to cost. To make things worse, it’s very easy for thieves to steal all of your guns in a very short period of time. Long story short? If you’re invested in your firearms, it’s worth investing in additional coverage. 

7. Golf Clubs 

Golf is one of those hobbies that just seems to get more expensive over time. In addition to having to pay fees and dues to local golf clubs, you must pay an ongoing maintenance cost to keep your equipment up to “par.” 

Like firearms, golfing equipment is both very expensive and very portable. This means your clubs and other equipment are likely to be a magnet for any thieves who enter your home. While you can’t always keep thieves out, you can always make sure you get adequate compensation for what has been damaged or stolen. 

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